Pride Month

So everyone is proud of something and if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. I am proud of anyone who is being their authentic self even if my beliefs are not the same as that anyone. I only have a couple of rules for my friends and associates and we will get along fine regardless of your beliefs. If we have things in common then lets just socialize about our commonalities…there is no reason for any hostilities at all. Rule #1-Respect everyone. #2-Refer to rule #1.  You don’t have to like anyone, even though that would be awesome if we did choose to…but please please please respect life!!!!

So enough with the lesson for today. I am writing to say Happy Pride Month to all of my friends, associates, and family in the LBGTQ Community…I love you!!!!!

GLTR_Rainbow-Brut_300x450 (2)

viaONEHOPE has a special going on for Pride Month because we have this wonderfully rainbow sparkly wine bottle and the wine is sparkly too! The wine in these bottles is our Brut which is fantastic by the way. I prefer my Brut either straight or for light refreshment throughout the day as a spritzer with a little ginger ale. I did let one of my long time friends know about “spritzing” and she is now a fan…try it!!! But back to the sparkly rainbow glitter wine bottle…it is shipping out for the month of June for just one penny yall!!….what yes the Rainbow Glitter Brut ships for $0.01 all June long!! So get you a couple of bottles or if you are having an event and want to celebrate your pride contact me and we can get you a bulk discount rate on a couple of cases of the Rainbow Glitter Bottle!!! #winning #rainbow #pridemonth #lbgt BUT WAIT…theres more…Every 4 bottles funds one hour of operational costs for Trevor Project!!!! The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.




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