Welcome to my site!

Hi my name is Teresa and I am a lot of things right now! LOL. I am a billing support representative, a self titled home chef, North Carolinian and a C.E.O. of my own business. So let’s discuss that C.E.O. role first! You are probably saying wow right now! Well C.E.O. in my case, stands for Cause Entrepreneur ONEHOPE! My own business is called SipNGive! My job is a result of joining viaONEHOPE who are based out of California, and based on Millennial’s is where the great but not too expensive wine can be found these days. So viaONEHOPE actually gives back to the community several different ways, by originating the opportunity for entrepreneurship and making sure that every product they sale supports some type of cause:automatically, whether it is Ovarian Cancer, helping pets find their Forever Homes, or Providing Meals, every product is supporting a cause! Wait, the philanthropy-ism doesn’t stop there! One of the ways to get access to this wine is by having in home or in venue tasting events where the Host of the event gets to pick out which wine varietals they wish to select for their tasting event.The C.E.O. will give the guest 1 oz pours and some background tasting information about their glass contents before working their way through the wine tasting four s’s. The guests are provided with forms to jot down tasting notes about their samples,enabling them to be able to find out: 1.What wine varietals they don’t like and, 2.Some wine notes that they prefer even if the wine was not dry or sweet enough for their palate.

The Host gets her 1/2  or whole case of our Core Varietals for up to 58% off the MSRP! After forms are collected for orders and the Host picks her local non-profit to get 10% donation from every 1/2 and whole case sold the C.E.O.’s job is done and he wine tasting event continues until the host and guest say so.

If this sounds like something fun you would like to do part time or full time just click on “contact” on the Home Page or check me out on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to join my SipNGive VIP Group page on Facebook, you may get your own bottle of wine to taste and tell about! Hosting a tasting can be virtual via Facebook Party or through in home tastings!viaONEHOPE

I am also in to traveling and will be traveling and blogging in my own back yard first. North Carolina has some beautiful beaches as well as our next door neighbor South Carolina. I have on my list also to make it to Belize with in the next year so be on the lookout for that little gem and I will be posting lots of pictures.

So if you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to reach out to me. I am very transparent!!